We have created this website to introduce beginners to the wonderful world of the ukulele.

The ukulele is a stringed musical instrument.  Its size and simplicity makes it excellent for children and beginners.  As well as being an interesting instrument in its own right, it can also be a stepping stone for those interested in other stringed instruments such as the guitar or banjo.

Our educational blog has been set up to give useful hints and tips on various things from holding the ukulele  to how to practice to learning specific techniques.

Many people prefer just to strum the instrument and sing along. However, like other stringed instruments, it can be played fingerstyle or with a pick.  Our udemy courses aim to showcase the different ways in which this lovely instrument can be played.

We hope you have fun learning with us and playing your uke!


Ukulele (juːkəˈleɪli/)
a small four-stringed guitar of Hawaiian origin
late 19th century: from Hawaiian, literally ‘jumping flea’